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Rescue and enjoy amazing, surplus meals from businesses.

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Spend 50-80% less money for the same restaurant-quality meals.

Save the Planet

Help restaurants reduce food waste with every purchase.

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At the same time, Last Call For Food feeds hungry college students strapped for cash.

A video on Last Call was a finalist for "Best Shareable Video" at GW's Annual Planet Forward Event -- a sustainable storytelling competition for students. Read more here.

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Erin McGeoy, co-founder and CEO of Last Call, discusses how her social venture's app helps notify local students of cheap meals that would otherwise be thrown away, helping to lower America's 40% food waste rate.


We're More Than Just A Meal

Stories of college students surviving off $1 Top Ramen are no longer light-hearted anecdotes; recent reports show almost half of college students struggle to afford regular meals. This is happening while 40% of all food in the US is wasted.

Last Call connects users with high-quality meals for as little as $3, and drives traffic to local food vendors by promoting discounts on unsold food, helping them sell out instead of throw out.

We are currently operating in Washington, DC serving the George Washington University community and are excited to expand soon.

How It Works

  1. Food partners upload tasty meal options for the day, specifying quantity and pickup window
  2. Users receive notifications of delicious food available for purchase
  3. Users head to the restaurant to pick up their food
  4. Partners attract new users and earn additional money on food that may otherwise be tossed

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Generate additional income for your business by selling your surplus food and increasing your exposure to new customers! Help our planet by reducing food waste and help your community by making food more affordable.


Who We Are

Erin McGeoy

Erin McGeoy

Founder and CEO

Erin's inspiration for providing affordable meals to college students comes from personal experience: she struggled to afford regular meals as a Division 1 water polo player at George Washington University, where she studied Marketing and Sustainability. After working on the Food Waste Team at the World Wildlife Fund, and learning of the huge amount of resources being wasted for food that is just wasted, she created the Last Call movement to solve both of these injustices.

Chloe King

Chloe King

Founder and COO

Chloe King worked with the World Wildlife Fund for two years to educate students about the environmental impacts of food waste while reducing it in K-12 school cafeterias. She co-founded Last Call with Erin in 2017, and runs the day-to-day operations of the business in D.C. She is currently a senior at GW.

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